Supporting Physician Needs and Achieving the Quadruple Aim

With an increase in regulatory requirements, societal expectations, and documentation needs, physicians have a growing burden of responsibility to “fix the healthcare system”.

The Institute for Health Care Improvement’s Triple Aim (“improving the patient experience for quality and satisfaction, improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care”) is missing an essential component – physicians. In order to achieve success in a value-based environment, physician leadership and expertise is critical. Therefore, Physician Care Alliance is focused on attaining the Quadruple Aim, which adds the fourth and critical component of improving the work life of health care providers and their teams.

According to a recent RAND Corporation survey, the principal driver of physician satisfaction is the ability to provide quality care. Barriers to performance and its impact on provider dissatisfaction are cited in multiple studies:

  • 87% of physicians name the leading cause of work-related stress and burnout as paperwork and administration, with 63% indicating that stress is increasing” - Physician Stress and Burnout Survey
  • “About two-thirds of physicians surveyed in a 2014 survey showed that more than a day per week is spent on administrative tasks” – 2014 Practice Profitability Index
  • “The areas of lowest satisfaction are EHRs’ effects on the physician's ability to focus on patient care” – Family Practice Management
  • “Reducing the cumulative burden of rules and regulations may improve professional satisfaction and enhance physicians' ability to focus on patient care” - Rand Corporation Recommendation

The experienced team at Physician Care Alliance has navigated providers through the barriers of fee-for-service to successful Value-Based healthcare systems. With physician leadership from participating groups and the expertise of the PCA team, together we will implement and enhance PCA’s core competencies outlined in the PCA Quality Matrix to meet the needs of physicians and their teams:

  • Foundational Tools: Engagement, Data, Team, Risk Adjustment, and Process Improvement
  • Coordinated Care: Access, Transitions, Chronic Care, and Acute Care
  • Complex Management: Extended Care, Wellness Coaching, and Campaigns
  • Cost Management: Value-Based Care and Utilization Management

The Physician Care Alliance Quality Matrix provides a framework for our services:

  • The Enhanced Model of Care with components that wed population management and value-based benefit designed to align the interests of patients, providers and payors
  • Enhanced care management capabilities that improve quality, reduce the total cost of care, and demonstrate the value of physicians
  • Population health software and training
  • Team-based training
  • Care Coordination, Transition of Care Programs, and Community Care Coordination
  • High-impact Ambulatory and Home Programs
  • Avoidable Day Management, and Extended and Intensive Care Management
  • Enhanced Patient Services including Wellness and Chronic Disease Coaching
  • Administrative and data support services include Value-Based Care Education, Analytics and Risk Management, Health Plan Network Management, and Evidence-Based Committee Facilitation.

PCA supports physician-driven health care through the services outlined in the PCA Quality Matrix. Please review further details about the leadership and services that accompany PCA participation.

You can also read more about the Physician Care Alliance in an article in the summer 2017 edition of Physicians Insurance “The Physicians Report” – Maintaining Practice Independence with Physician Care Alliance.